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Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
considering sending hundreds of soldiers to help train malian forces. defense secretary leon panetta said the united states has a responsibility to go after al qaeda. he said u.s. forces plan to share intelligence they gained by using drones with their french allies. he says they'll provide mid air refueling to support french pilots. >>> nuclear power representatives from around the world have met in malaysia to discuss energy in southeast asia. the region needs a way to fuel its rapidly growing economy. about 300 government and corporate officials met in the capital and talked about the advantages and challenges of introducing nuclear power plants. malaysian and indonesian officials say power remains the main option for growing economies with high energy demands and say this is in spite of strong public opposition after the fukushima disaster. they both guarantee the safety of nuclear energy. the administration is working on transforming the energy policies. the trade minster said the country will export nuclear infrastructure after ensuring that it's safe. >> translator: japan has accum
Jan 14, 2013 6:00am PST
across the middle of the country. a senior islamist leader was reported killed. the french defense minister says they will refocus their a text to the north to uproot terrorists. french president francois hollande said french troops intervened to ensure the security of residents. leaders of west african nations fear the rebels could use mali as a base for attacks on neighboring countries. they'll hold an urgent summit meeting this weekend to discuss sending in troops. >>> police in india have arrested six men for an alleged gang rape on a woman traveling on a bus. they made the arrest just weeks after the gang rape and subsequent death of another woman. indian media quoted officers as saying the latest attack took place on friday night in the northern state of punjab. the report said the woman is 29 years old. they say the bus driver drove her to a deserted location, then assaulted her along with several other men. the men are reported to have freed her the next morning. six other men are facing charges for an attack last month on a woman in new delhi. they gang raped her on a bus
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2